[Bleach] Chapter 541 Thoughts

541I’m late, but not that late.  So let’s just get to it, shall we?

Wanna thank the scanlation group for providing some great fanwork at the beginning of the chapter.  I especially liked the Ichigo-centric one, though both are still awesome.

Now the chapter focused on the ‘Zangetsu’ and Ichigo, which is a tad confusing.  Juha Bach yet not Juha Bach?  Confusing, right?

So this Quincy power can’t share the same ‘space’ with the other “powers” such as the Shinigami and the Hollow ones?  Must they always be at crossroads?

Thankfully, this Quincy power sided with Ichigo.  That’s the good part.  Though it is sorta sad that said Quincy pwoer had to ‘go’ or such.  But for Ichigo to move forward, the ‘fake’ Zengetsu had to relinquish his “self”, and thus the “real” Zengetsu appears.

Truly, I don’t know how the real one looks like, but I’m pretty sure that Ichigo is stronger now with the “return” of the “real” Zengetsu.

I see the next chapter featuring Ichigo “reuniting” with his Zengetsu.  The chapter will also feature some signs of how Ichigo got stronger with his zanpakutou.  It also might feature the next step towards Ichigo’s training.  Who will be Ichigo’s next stop?  Can’t wait to see/read it.

Oh, and when I had written this post up, I had read the chapter and just didn’t feel like publishing this post until now.  So even though the next chapter is already out, I’m providing my normal predictions/guesses for the next chapter rather than how I usually do it when I missed a chapter or more.


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