[Bleach] Chapter 542 Thoughts

Let’s just get this going, shall we?

First of all, I thank the scanlation group for providing some exceptional fanwork along with the chapter.  Thank you!

Nice effects there, Kubo.  I liked how Ichigo got his zanpakuto.  And I also liked how he reminiscences about the ‘fake’ Zangetsu and how said ‘fake’ is also part of the “true” Zangetsu.  Nice touch there.

Nice.  I can’t get enough in saying that.  I liked how Ichigo got two instead of one zanpakuto.  So the big one with that hollow center is the “Hollow” side while the shorter one is the “Quincy” side.  Thus, the Zangetsu that Ichigo has.  Poetic, really.  Zangetsu being ‘Ichigo’ and thus how he fights “alone” and such.  Poetry, in a way.

And lastly, a brief glimpse of the Quincy army.  Or whatever Juha Bach calls his empire.  Damn Juha Bach.

So I was wrong in my prediction that the next step to Ichigo’s training will be revealed in this chapter.  Maybe said next step will be revealed in the next chapter.  I’m pretty sure that there may be some comedic moments in the next chapter.  Though I’m not completely committed in said prediction/guess.

Again, I enjoyed the fanwork at the end of the chapter.  Thanks, scanlation group!


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