[Naruto] Chapter 635 Thoughts

I want to get this done, so shall we move onward?

I want to thank the scanlation group for providing some awesome fanwork in this chapter.  Thanks again!

I’m glad to see Karin and Suigetsu provide some comedic relief by being themselves.  Yeah, the comedy is sorta “bad” but just by being themselves, Karin and Suigetsu are seen in my eyes as comedy figures in this series.  Just saying.

It took me a while to figure out that those slugs had each of the 4 Kages.  Tsunade showing her “true” self is not being shown in the chapter, but the link is still there.  Sad, isn’t it?  But at least Orochimaru is dong something productive.  Not 100% behind him, but will appreciate how he is helping Tsunade heal up.

At least Orochimaru is showing his “teacher” side.  Not that I was paying attention to him in the previous chapters/arcs, but at least I see some “good” qualities in him.  Makes me feel as if he has done this throughout his life (from his genin days to his current situation).

Ah, Tsunade.  It sure is good to see you in your “normal” state.  And given the previous condition you had been, it isn’t surprising that you don’t realize that your student has “surpassed” you.  Or at least, reached the level that you are at.  Still, it’s good to see you again after so many chapters.

Sasuke, Sasuke, Sasuke.  Again, your motives are questionable.  You still have your own agenda.  Somehow, there are others who are doubting you.  Sakura, Sai, Juugo, and others, though I’m not sure if Naruto is at that same level as others in doubts.  Still, your actions are sorta admirable, though misguided, in a sense.  We’ll see, shall we?

It’s nice to see the 5 Kages all in a good condition.  After their dire situation, I’m glad to see them recovered enough to help the ninja forces.  Hopefully they’ll reach the rest as soon as possible.

Am I surprise that Kakashi and Obito both gave each other devastating attacks?  Not really.  Both have grown in their own ways, and seeing them give each other such an attack reminds me of what could happen to Naruto and Sasuke in the future, given how different said members have about said futures.  Ah, makes me want to give each consecutive members some good old bonk on their heads.  Each deserves it.

I think the next chapter will begin with Kakashi and Obito.  Not sure if either one will survive.  I want Kakashi to survive, but I’m not sure about Obito.  Anyway, hopefully both will get out of the dimension that they are in and get back to the rest.  Though I sure want to have both of them in a condition that they need to be healed, given that I don’t want Obito to attack the rest of the ninja forces.  Truly it will all go towards the Juubi location.  Everyone is settling towards said location, and I hope to see Kakashi and Obito return to said location.  I wouldn’t mind seeing all of them congregate at said battle.


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