[Bleach] Chapter 543 Thoughts

Not really surprised at all about the Quincy brats taking sides.  I’m just hoping that said brats won’t get killed during the war, either by each other or someone else.  Wish you well, Uryuu!  Ichigo!!

Given that Juha Bach probably kept a lot of information for himself, the proclamation that Uryuu is his “successor” sure surprised his army.  Really, don’t they realize that said Quincy has Juha Bach’s blood running through his veins?  Especially considering how “pure” said Quincy is compared to the rest?  Really?

Surely the bunch of those titled Quincy soldiers (I don’t give a s*** about their names or “seats”) are truly unique.  Not that I care, since they are the antagonists in this arc.  But whatever floats the creator’s boat.

Well, at least the ending answered my question about the top letter in the bunch.  But considering that the next letter is acknowledged as the “Next Emperor” by the rest of those bunch, surely said “successor” isn’t accepted by the rest of the Quincy army.

Ah, strife.  Bring it on.

Only one fanwork this week to be thankful for?  For shame, scanlation group.  For shame.

I expect the next chapter to return back to Soul Society.  I hope so.  I think I have enough focus on the Quincy army for now.  I’m more interested on Ichigo’s progress rather than the Quincy army.


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