[Naruto] Chapter 636 Thoughts

Thanks again to the scanlation group for providing some fanwork.  Thank you!

I actually don’t mind those flashback scenes in which the previous Obito/Kakashi are having a spar while the current Obito/Kakashi are also doing the same thing, though in the current case said spar is actually a fight.

Sad that the past spar ended without physical harm, but the end of said fight has both participants ending up with some injuries.  Sad.

How twisted are you, Madara?  Well, Obito signed up (or maybe not…hmm, gray area there) for it, I guess.

You know, when those two are “pumped up” with Kurama’s chakra, it takes me a while to differentiate between father and son.  Though I’m not partial to it, Naruto’s “whiskers” sure helped with the identification between them.  I’m pretty sure that Minato recognizes or realizes the increasing chakra that Obito is omitting.  Not sure yet if Minato recognizes that it is his student, but we’ll see in the next chapter.

That said, I wonder what will happen to Obito?  Though I don’t like the current one, I’m pretty sure that Kishimoto still “loves” his Uchiha characters, so there is probably something “good” that will happen to Obito.  Cynical about it, but with how said Uchiha members are being, not really surprising at all.


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