[Silver Spoon] Chapter 70 Thoughts

Yeah, I’m behind this series.  But my priorities are set.  Besides, I’m more interested in reading some books that taking time to post entries for most the series that I comment here.

That said, I’ll probably won’t make any long entries about this series until I’m caught up.  Same with the predictions/guesses.  Until then, just my reactions to the contents of the chapters.

Let’s begin!

So Mikage has some loyalty feelings about her family farm.  That’s nice.

It’s also nice to hear Ichiro proclaim that he wanted to “own” a farm under his own name, not someone else’s farm.  Double nice.

Ah, Hachiken.  I think you really deserve that “stinky foot” and all.  It’s just so humorous!  But still, good job for helping Aki get interested in history.  You’re a great teacher, Hachiken!  Keep it up!

That’s all for this post/chapter!


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