[Silver Spoon] Chapter 72 Thoughts

Nice colored pages.  Appreciate it.

I’m pretty sure that Hachiken’s older brother (sorry that they are both Hachike, but I’m used to pointing out that Yuugo is Hachiken, so I’m sticking to said title) didn’t write good study points in his notebooks.  But seeing Hachiken make such a huge effort to get said notebooks is funny to read.  So I won’t be hang about it.

Ah, Tokiwa.  You sure provide the right amount of hilarity in this series!  Keep it up!!!!

It’s nice to see Hachiken interacting with some old classmates of his.  Seeing each side, how they changed and all, sure shows how the old Hachiken and the new Hachiken is now.  At least there is humor mixed in the meeting.

Ah, the plunger.  Gives me memories…


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