[Silver Spoon] Chapter 76 Thoughts

Last chapter was nice, but this chapter is also nice.  Seeing Hachiken get “punished” by his male equestrian club friends “lightens” up the whole chapter.  Also, seeing the horses play around in the snow sure is nice.


Oh, gosh.  The reactions of the students in relation to the pigs sure are hilarious!  Especially when they are thinking of the meat each pig can bring.


Tokiwa, you are a keeper in this series!  Don’t ever be a forgotten character in this series, you hear!  You are just plain hilarious!!!!

And great job, Hachiken!  I’m impressed that you had “loosened up” to ask for help, especially from someone who knows accounting.  Also, great job Tamako!  You’re great at it, so keep it up!

Another pork-focused segment.  Nice.


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