[Naruto] Chapter 637 Thoughts

Let’s just say that I was not feeling up to reading the series.  Also, when I did go online, I was using devices that weren’t really good for reading the series online.

That said, I want to thank the scanlation group for providing some great artwork for the chapters.  I truly appreciate the enjoyment I’m getting fro admiring some great artwork.  Thanks again, scanlation group!

Wow, Minato looks so serious in that panel!  Again, it took me a moment to differentiate between father and son, but not that long as when I read the previous chapter.  Anyway, seems that Minato got the gist of the situation.  It sure reiterates how Minato became Hokage, that’s for sure.

Also, I appreciate the flashback scene.  Shows how “close” young Obito was to his sensei, though now…well, that’s a different story.

Again, Minato sure got the gist of things.  Nice for him, right?

Given that I read an author’s note in a fanfiction story that I was reading earlier, I’m not surprised at the ending of this chapter.  Yeah, it sucked that Minato didn’t get to give the final action against Obito, but given how Obito is right now, I’m not really shocked at how it all went down.

That said, I’ll leave the predictions/guesses in the next post.  Look forward to that!


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