[Naruto] Chapter 638 Thoughts

Ah, it sure is nice to see Hinata in this chapter.  Given that she was missing for a few of the previous chapters, seeing her again in this chapter brings back some screen time.  Well, it felt like Hinata was missing for that long.

Okay, a lot is explained here by Naruto about what happened.  Hinata also clarified that earlier to the rest of the ninja forces.  But now that Obito is the Jinchuuriki of the Jubei, I’m not sure what goal said person will do now that he is the container of said bijuu.  Though I’m pretty sure that said plans won’t be good.

Wow, the summoned Hokages reiterated how much power difference the Jubei jinchuuriki is compared to the rest of them.  I’m still wary about Madara, given that he still has a ‘trump card’ that he hasn’t revealed.  And what about the 5 Kages, when will they reach the battlefield?

I’m not really moved by the two chapters that I’ve read today.  They were…okay, I guess.  All that I can see in the next chapter will be Tobi (now that said person can’t recognize himself, I’ll either switch between said names or not) being a bad*** against the ninja forces.  I wonder how it will go from there?

Again, thanks to the scanlation group for providing some great artwork.  I appreciate them all!


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