[Bleach] Chapter 546 Thoughts

Again, great job with the fanwork, scanlation group!  I truly appreciate them all!

That pretty boy friend of Ichigo sure is pretty.  Not handsome, but pretty.  Reminds me of another character from a different series; I think you probably can imagine who I’m talking about.

O-kay, so the tense atmosphere first, and then a silver lining in the end?  Well, sorta a silver lining?  Sheesh, but the whole situation sure sucks.  Either way, Ichigo’s fate is really not looking well in my eyes.  Even the silver lining sucks, in a way.

Damn Kubo.

It’s also nice to see Orihime and Chad have their own scene in this chapter.  Just nice.

Oh, and the dome…reminds me of a TV series about another dome.  Though in this case, the purpose of said dome is different.

Wow, another hiatus?  Seriously?!  First one series, and then this one.  At least this one is only five weeks, not six weeks.  Well, whatever.  The ending wasn’t bad, but it sure wasn’t as interesting as it could be.  Not enough to grab my pique, anyway.

I probably won’t be able to read the next chapter when it gets out…well, I hope I can.  Not really sure if I’ll be able to have time to read this series when it finally returns back from its hiatus.  Though we’ll see how it goes.

The next chapter probably will feature the invasion of Soul Society.  Lots of bloodshed, gore, and battles.  I’m not sure how it will go, but the invasion may end up continuing onward for the next several chapters, though I’m not sure if said invasion will feature a retreat and/or conclusion.  All that I can say is that said invasion may prompt Ichigo to move faster in strengthening himself so that he can fight against said invasion.  But that may not end up in the next chapter; it could be shown a few chapters later.  Anyway, enough about that.


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