[Noblesse] Chapter 287 Thoughts

It’s back!!!!!!  Yay!!!!!!

It’s nice to see the start of this chapter featuring Raizel in a time before S. Korea.  Being at Lukedonia before his exodus (in a way) sure is nice to see a glimpse of how he fared before his awakening centuries later.  Even though the first two members after Raizel are traitors, it’s nice to see how the relationships between Raizel and the traitors were before said betrayal occurred.

Frankenstein is also looking ‘better’ after his first appearance in Lukedonia.  Seeing him fight against Ragar shows his strength and some hints as to how he’s grown stronger in the future at South Korea.  That said, it’s slightly disturbing how the Dark Spear was made and came from, though I’ll not go delve into it as much.

Ah, the tension.  Yup, the views between said factions are foreshadowed in the interaction between said factions/sides.  Again, ‘nough said about that.

The past Lord…is so funny!  In a different way from Raizel.  It seems that both powerful figures has their reputation and power behind them, and the reactions from their people are just so funny!  Yup, the past Lord is definitely one of my fave characters in this series!  Flaws and all.  Oh, and a handsome one, too!

It was a nice way to end the chapter.  I enjoyed it, though not as much as other ones.  I’m pretty sure that the next chapter will continue on with this current situation, in which the past Lord continues on with his meeting with Frankenstein.  I’m not sure if said flashback scene will encompass the whole chapter, but it may end up being the majority content of said next chapter.  Other than that, nothing else to comment about for what I expect the next chapter to be.


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