[Silver Spoon] Chapter 82 Thoughts

Didn’t think I’ll be caught up with this series, right?  Considering that the rest of the series that I comment about in this blog are all backlogged, right?  Well, I’m caught up with it, just cause!

Anyway, here are the highlights of the chapter that are worth mentioning:

1) The aftermath of Hachiken’s broken phone is short but sweet!

2) Some serious moments between Hachiken and Mikage is sorta sweet yet brings the enormity of the obstacles they are facing to the front.

3) Komaba’s situation sucks.

4) Ayame provides the comedic relief in this chapter instead of Tokiwa.  Nice to see her, though.

5) So the third term of the school year begins, and the pork arrives.  Okawa’s reaction to hearing his classmates get either jobs or getting accepted in colleges is so funny!  Poor Okawa.  Though I’m not to sympathetic to his plight, given he destroyed Hachiken’s phone.

6) Nice to see something new that Hachiken will be doing.  Instead of bacon, he’s going to make sausage.  Looking forward to seeing his reaction during the sausage preparation.

Now that it is over, I’m thinking that the next  chapter will start with the pork preparation.  Not sure if it will begin with the bacon or sausage preparations, but it will be fun to learn how the sausage preparation begins.  Hopefully, the team will make great sausages.


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