[Naruto] Chapter 641 Thoughts

Again, the same way as the previous post, let’s just focus on the highlights of the chapter worth mentioning.

1) It’s nice to see Tobirama to save Naruto, Sasuke, and Minato.  His personality, on the other hand…

2) Naruto is being himself.  Love how he ‘thanked’ Tobirama for saving them.

3) Madara and Hashirama facing each other again.  How poignant.

4) Woah.  Didn’t expect that kind of teamwork between the four of them.  Not bad thinking, former Hokages.  Not bad at all.

5) Liked that Hinata has a panel in this chapter, even in the ending of it.  Sakura also has some screen time, but I don’t really care about her that much as Hinata.

6) Liked the last panel of Sasuke and Naruto smiling.  Almost looked liked the “darkness” hasn’t touched both of them.  Thus, making them look like “true” comrades.

7) Nice fanwork.  Thanks, scanlation group!

One more left and I’ll be caught up.  Heh.


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