[Naruto] Chapter 642 Thoughts

I’m all caught up with the series, but I don’t feel like doing my usual kind of posts.  So just like the previous post, I’ll just focus on the highlights of the chapter worth mentioning.

1) Damn Obito for his ‘cruel’ attacks.  Now Minato can’t regenerate.  Damn Obito.

2) I may appreciate Tobirama’s explanation, but I sure don’t like his attitude/personality.  Rubs me the wrong way.

3) That moment, even if it looks stupid, shows how much Naruto and Minato are related.  Nice.

4) Gamakichi, nice effort there.

5) Shall I repeat myself?  Yes.  Yes, I will.  Damn Obito.

6) Tobirama, at least you are useful.

7) Senjutsu.  You are one M*********ING skill.

8) Ooohhh, Minato finally meets the Kyuubi part that he has.  Definitely a “shadow” or the yin/yang (can’t remember which one is which that Minato has) portion of Kurama.  Nice to see both “halves” in the same chapter.

9) Nice fanwork.  I especially appreciated the humor one featuring Naruto’s ‘tails’ and Sasuke.  Hehehehehehehe…

Now, I think that the next chapter will have a bit of a conversation between Minato and that “shadow” Kurama.  For differentiation, I’ll call that one Kyuubi and the one that Naruto has Kurama.  I’m intrigued to read what kind of conversation the Kyuubi and Minato will have.  Definitely it may focus on Naruto and Kurama.  At least, that is what I think.  Maybe a little ‘help’ will be given, hm?  Well, that’s what I think will happen in the next chapter, though said conversation probably won’t be taking up the whole content.  But I hope it will be enough to appease my satisfaction.


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