[Noblesse] Chapter 289 Thoughts

The highlights of this chapter worth mentioning includes:

1) Raizel is so funny.  And sad.  Plus lonely.  Definitely a nice person.

2) So is this arc all about what happened in the past between the traitors and Raizel?  And how Frankenstein became Raizel’s servant?  If so, it better be a good arc.  I wanted to know what happened in this betrayal, but I sure hope that the atmosphere will lighten up a bit so that the comedic integrity remains strong throughout this tense and catastrophic event.  Damn traitors.

3) Frankenstein hit it in the mark.  Definitely a suspicious lot, those traitors.

4) Raizel forgetting such a thing.  Frankenstein reacting about it.  Priceless.

Nothing much to add.  One more and I’ll be caught up, though.


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