[Beelzebub] Chapter 216 Thoughts

Just a short post about the chapter.


Because of Beelzebub, of course!

Beel saves the day in this chapter. He “shined” as he goes to those team members that needed a ‘boost’ of his power. At least he acted when he realized that Oga and his opponent couldn’t recognize his demonic presence. By going to Kunieda first, Beel really added some brownie points for himself in my book. Then he met up with Kanzaki, who was “called” to save his (hopefully) future love interest, and gave that delinquent a “boost” to fight against those annoying minions.

Loved seeing that ‘Furuichi’ react that way when Toujou said that certain statement.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to a repeat fight between Himekawa and Kanzaki. Not really sure if there will be a fight/battle, but the confrontation will surely be an entertaining one.

Overall, this chapter basically goes to Beel, hands down. His ‘presence’ in this chapter “shines” more than the others. At least, in my eyes.


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