[Naruto] Chapter 643 Thoughts

I want to get this published before the week is over. That said, let’s just get on to what I thought about the chapter.

First of, thanks again to the scanlation group for providing some fantastic fanwork. Nice job, scanlation group!

Second, it’s nice to see some interaction between Minato and the Kyuubi. It seems that the Kyuubi is more understanding to Naruto’s plight. The coloring may be misleading, given that I thought said Kyuubi would be more ‘dark’ than Kurama. We’ll see.

Third, glad to see Tobirama acknowledging Naruto’ strength. I liked the comparison between Naruto and Hashirama that Tobirama made after the combined attack against Tobi. Still don’t like Tobirama’s personality, but I will acknowledge that said person is a powerful ninja.

Fourth…dude, that’s one ass-kicking “flower” Tobi summoned.

Fifth, nice of the other ninjas in trying to get back to the action. Too bad for them that Tobi “trapped” them within a barrier.

Sixth, even though it happened before, I think Madara is too selfish about his battle against Hashirama. Reminds me of Sasuke. That’s the Uchiha for you (not saying that Itachi nor the ‘naive’ Obito weren’t the same as Madara and Sasuke, because I think that within said Uchiha members, there has to be some selfishness within them, though said trait may have been “masked” within).

Seventh, it’s nice to see the two ‘halves’ meet each other again. Kyuubi and Kurama, nice to meet ya!

Lastly, it’s awesome to see the start of the father-and-son attack at the end of the chapter. Seeing Kyuubi and Kurama at the background is also nice. Makes me think that there will be an awesome attack from them in the next chapter.

I just want to highlight about Tobi mentioning that the next day will be Naruto’s birthday. Or rather, that it was the day Naruto’s parents died. At least Naruto proclaimed that it was his birthday. Just showing how such a day can be both good and bad. Having Naruto say that brings a smile to my face, since it is quintessential Naruto from the start.

I see something awesome from both Minato and Naruto in the next chapter. Not sure about Sasuke, given that he had screen time in this chapter, but nothing to contribute. Except to see Naruto “shine” in this chapter. Maybe in the next chapter Sasuke will act and have some dialogue. Not really sure about that. But the focus will be attacking Tobi. From the father-and-son team as well as from the rest.


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