[Beelzebub] Chapter 217 Thoughts

Hey, I just felt like getting this out before my time becomes busy next month.  That, and this chapter deserved to be commented about.  So let’s move on to the highlights of the chapter, shall we?

So the “fight” between Himekawa and Kanzaki wasn’t as I expected it to be.  But at least they proved to be entertaining as I expected.

Nice to see Paako there.  Truly, when they partnered up in that previous chapter, I actually began to like the pairing.  They “complement” each other.

Ah, those “Himekawa clones” are hilarious.  Especially when Kanzaki punched the real one amongst those look-alike crowd.  At least Natsume and Jinno came.  They sure prove that they are strong, even as they defended against that Udagawa person.

As for HImekawa’s action after Udagawa’s attack…well, not really shocking but still hilarious.  The expressions on Udagawa and Kanzaki were good, though after recovering, Kanzaki figured out Himekawa’s motive.

Okay, so I’m not really surprised that Himekawa is a double-crosser.  I had always expected him to be part of Oga’s group.  Even if I wanted to strangle Himekawa for his “villain-y” attitude in previous chapters, I was still rooting for him to be that ‘3’ in Oga’s group.  Hey, if Kanzaki is ‘1’, Kunieda is ‘2’, and Toujou is ‘4’, Himekawa has to be ‘3’.  So in a way, Toujou is the ‘brawn’ of the group, Kunieda is the ‘speed’, Kanzaki is the ‘all-around’ one, and Himekawa is the ‘brain’ of the group, with Oga as the ‘leader’ but Beel being the ‘power’ and ‘mascot’ all rolled into one.  As for Hilda, I think of her as the ‘caretaker’ of the ‘power’ of the group.  Basically, the same role as she has right now.

I’m looking forward to the conclusion of the battle.  Yeah, Oga’s group will still have some more battles in the future, since the school battles still have some opponents in the dark.  But I want to see Oga kick his enemy’s buttons, if you know what I mean.  I think that Lucifer’s ‘parent’ needs to be defeated, and Oga is the one to do that job right.  I’m also hoping that more of the King’s Crest will be initiated to more people; the “Generals” do need some troops, after all.

Lastly, I enjoyed the chapter.  ‘Nough said.


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