[Noblesse] Chapter 293 Thoughts

I’ll just get it started about what I thought about this chapter.

First of, I didn’t really expected that the previous owner of that necklace is Tesamu.  But it sure is cute, given that Frankenstein reacted to it.  Truly appreciated flashback.

Second, the “power up” that Frankenstein did was even felt by Raizel and the previous Lord.  Shows how much an enigma Frankenstein is already.

Third, how twisted those traitors really are.  Just twisted.

Well, damn.

That’s a nice ending to the chapter.  Nice battle scene, but how it was stopped is more entertaining.  I mean, the previous Lord and Raizel arrived on the stop to end the battle.  They intercepted the two combatants.  Raizel getting out of the house, as well as the previous Lord getting out of his throne room.  Yeah, both are momentous events.  Though I think Raizel getting out of his home is more shocking than the previous Lord getting out of his throne room (given that I think the previous Lord does move around, unlike Raizel).

Can’t wait to read how the two will say after stopping the battle.  I’m pretty sure that Frankenstein will end up forming a bonding contract with Raizel in the next chapter.  Not really sure what will happen after that, but I think the traitors may have another meeting and decide to speed up their plans to betray the previous Lord and basically Lukedonia as a whole?  And will Tesamu truly be dead and/or alive in the end?  Well, I can see a twist about that Tesamu maybe being alive after all, but we’ll see.


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