[Beelzebub] Chapter 219 Thoughts

I can’t help but gush over Himekawa’s bishounen look.  It is soooo rare for him to wear his hair down that I can’t help but admire his bishounen looks.

That said, when I saw the bottom of that girl’s body in the previous chapter, I felt that said Solomon Company member is female.  I don’t get why said differentiation has to be so prominent, but as a fellow female who has a different type of bottom, I envy said bottom for being the “ideal” bottom.

I like the “feel good” feeling that comes with such an outcome from a fight of that magnitude.  I mean, Oga should win, but how he won is still nice to read.  Not really surprising, given that said opponents are those kind of men.

Well, what a surprise.  He sorta looks like that dark-haired dude at that time who escaped from that battle in the Demon World.  Is it the same guy, hm?  Not really sure.  But him coming up sure makes it interesting.

Not really sure if I’ll post one for the next chapter.  I just wanted to publish one for this chapter because of the conclusion of said fight.  And I liked it.


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