[Noblesse] Chapter 294 Thoughts

So the previous Lord was the one who intercepted the attacks.  At least, I think he’s the only one who did make a move.  But at least Raizel is there with him.

Ah, previous Lord.  I like your character.  I like how your status and just being you makes it so…fun to watch your subordinates squirm inside.  At least, that is what I deduce when I read the chapter on your interactions with the others, especially those four traitors.

I also liked the interaction between the previous Lord and Raizel.  I mean, when Raizel is just walking forward to Frankenstein, the previous Lord gets what Raizel will do.  The “silent conversation”, so to speak.  Ah, they are just my top two fave characters in this chapter, that’s for sure.

I liked how the end of the chapter went.  Frankenstein really got into a “contract” with Raizel, just as he secretly wanted.  Or does Raizel also wanted to form a contract with Frankenstein?  Not really sure, given how Raizel’s character is.  But I liked how Frankenstein got his contract.  I liked how Raizel reacted and defended against Frankenstein, and just what Raizel decided to do in the end.  The previous Lord immediately got the deal, and that’s what I surmise from reading the chapter.

Anyway, the consequence of said battle will be shown in the next chapter.  I wonder how Frankenstein will react to it all?  Can’t wait to read and see.


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