[Silver Spoon] Chapter 84 Thoughts

I don’t really feel like elaborating more on this chapter.  I’ll just give the highlights of the chapter that I think are worth mentioning.

They are:

1) It sure is tough figuring out a price to sell their sausages.  Yet said discussion sure is boring in some parts.

2) Tokiwa’s reaction to borrowing the money from V. P.’s stash sure is noteworthy because it is Tokiwa, of course.

3) Fuji-sensei is amazing.  As Hachiken pointed out, she is one tough leader.

4) Komaba makes a cameo appearance.  So glad that he is still part of the whole ‘community’.

5) Okawa being himself.  And the consequences of being himself.

6) The pizza oven being used again.  Damn, but that pizza oven has become a major equipment/celebrity in the school.

Now for what I think will happen in the next chapter…

…I see the start of the food sampling party that the school will be having.  I also see the price discussion coming up, though not to the extent that this chapter went through.  I also see the humor coming up in this next chapter, subtle or not.


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