[Naruto] Chapter 646 Thoughts

Let’s get one thing straight: the posts for the chapters’ commentaries will be short and quick.  I don’t have time to elaborate and go on…and on…and on about what the contents of said chapters will be.  In fact, I should be in bed so that I can focus on the things that has been taking priority in my life in the morning.  I’m just going to do quick and short posts for the chapters.  I want to be caught up with the series and to do that, I have to be quick.

That said, let’s just get on with it.  If I had the inclination, I would spend quality time in the last month of this year to get caught up.

I just don’t think so.

Life has taken priorities and this isn’t in the top of my list.

So let’s just focus on brief summary of what I think of said chapter, shall we?

Let’s begin:

First of, I liked the artwork provided by the scanlation group.  Hinata’s one…well, highly inappropriate, but still appreciated, given that she’s a fave character of mine.  Second, Madara sure knows his history.  Third, sucks for the allied forces.  Fourth, the history is too reminiscent of the Bible.  Or religion.  Fifth, Madara…well, the Uchiha sure has a tendency for depressive states, right?  Sixth, Hiruzen sure made his flashy appearance count, ne?

That’s all for what I thought about the chapter.  Next!


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