[Naruto] Chapter 647 Thoughts

Again, making this short and sweet.  Let’s begin!

First, glad to see the 5 Kages make their appearances after so many chapters when they were not there.  Second, I think that Shikamaru still has some “life” left, though probably fading fast.  Damn it!  Shikamaru is one of my fave characters, and seeing him that way…Damn it!!!

Next, I’m okay with Orochimaru and his two sidekicks jumping into the scene.  Not really surprised, after all.  After that, didn’t mind the whole mind-connection thing.

Ah, the dissension.  Quite expected, actually.  But…Sasuke being the one who finally moved?  Again, not really shocking.  A little surprised, but not that much.  Actually, it sorta makes sense, given how Sasuke was acting earlier.  And Naruto being Naruto, I expected him to do something like that.

Ah, Shikamaru…you’re doing quite well, considering your current condition.  Quite well…

Oh, and Naruto…nice job.  Keep it up.

Sasuke knows who is the “heart” of the matter.  Naruto is definitely the key of it all.  If Tobi wanted to belittle the ninjas, he should kill Naruto.  Then he’ll win.  Otherwise, with Naruto still being alive, he’ll make sure the ninjas are rallying against the Uchiha bastards (even with Sasuke in Naruto’s side, I’m still considering him an Uchiha bastard, but one who is in the right side of the whole thing).

Anyway, no more about this chapter.  Next!


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