[Noblesse] Chapter 295 Thoughts

Okay, this will be brief and to the point.  Let’s just say, I don’t have the time or inclination to make the post longer as I usually do it, but I’ll get down what grabbed my attention from this chapter.  So let’s begin!

Nice to have Frankenstein seem so “normal” in the first quarter or so of the chapter.  And seeing Raizel so vulnerable makes me worried about him.  Though having the previous Lord have an attendance with Urokai and that redhead’s group is…not bad, but I would rather go to the point.  But it’s nice to see Frankenstein become the person that he is…though I guess I miss how “soft” Frankenstein felt in this past event.

Lastly, I liked the ending of the whole chapter.  Overall, it was a nice chapter and worth reading.  Better than the chapters from that other series that I read today.


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