[Bleach] Chapter 555 Thoughts

Caught up with the series!  Anyway, thanks to the scanlation group for providing some colorful artwork.  Greatly appreciated!



It has been a while since Ichigo featured so prominently in a chapter.  So nice to see him be funny and serious at the same time.  He sure had grown a lot, that’s for sure.

With that said, Ichigo’s words reminded me too much of a blond main character from another series.  Too similar in that hero-like behavior.  Still nice to read about it, though.

Angel wings…that’s such a misleading characteristic.  But given how the series has been…well, not really surprising.

Screw loose, that female enemy.  Guess the next chapter will feature her fighting against her opponents.  And as for Ichigo making another appearance in the next chapter?  Not really sure, but I hope so.

Now I’m caught up with the series.


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