[Silver Spoon] Chapter 90 Thoughts

First of, the previous chapter wasn’t so bad.  It provided a lot more comedic relief than the chapter before that one.  And that’s what I’ll say about the previous chapter.

Hachiken is happy that he got obligatory chocolate.  Good for him!

Yoda broke up with his girlfriend…and Okawa reacting positively about it…well, you know why.

Hachiken sure had grown throughout the semesters.  And has gotten better at interacting with others, too.

Starting a busines?  I have a feeling Hachiken is going to bring the high school with him in this endeavor.  How it may end up being a plop or not is up to Hachiken’s team.  I hope he’ll do well in his idea.

But before I end this post, I want to say that Mikage sure did well…especially since she has her own chocolate to give to Hachiken.  Even though she hadn’t given it to him yet, the idea that she does have chocolate for Hachiken sure counts.

I’m interested to see how the series is going.  We’ll see.


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