[Naruto] Chapter 654 Thoughts

Either from the current mood that I’m in, or whatever it is, but I wasn’t really grabbed by the chapter.

I did like how the allied forces got those chakra out of Tobi.  I liked how Naruto got those chakra from Tobi with the help of everyone.  Those major characters even have their own panels.  That was nice.

That said, it was an okay chapter.  Not really worth my interest right now, given that it didn’t hold my focus enough from other…things.  But it was still a nice distraction.  Just a little one, though.

I see Madara in the next chapter.  He still has a trump card, whatever it may be.  I also see Hashirama there, too.  The battle between the legends is still ongoing.  It will be shown in the next chapter, I think.

Well, that’s it.


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