[Beelzebub] Chapter 231 Thoughts

I think this chapter deserves some commñentary from me.  Now what to say…

1) First, that Johan guy…I don’t like him.  Damn bastard.

2) Beel’s mother is really awesome.  Brave, too.

3) A bittersweet chapter.

4) I don’t think this is the end of the whole Oga/Beel team.  It looks like they are separated from each other., but Johan and co. are still at large, so the separation is going to be short in this instance.

5) That move against Johan was AWESOME!

6) Damn Oga for making Beel cry., especially after “Dada”.

7) That bespectacled lady and/or Johan will make a move.  I just know it.

Thus., my thoughts about the chapter.


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