[Beelzebub] Chapter 235 Thoughts

There were a lot of characters featured in this chapter.  I debated if I should have an entry to this one or not, but I felt like giving it one anyway.

That said, I think this chapter gave a lot of action.  It sorta felt one-sided, though.  But it sure was nice to see Oga’s side doing as much as possible, as hard as they can.

Oga probably felt helpless and a bit confused at the end of the chapter.  He may have arrived safely at the school, but a lot of good fighters had ‘fallen’ to get him where he is.  His last word in this chapter said it all for him, that’s for sure.

All may be explained in the next chapter.  Oga will get the back story of what happened to his home, and will probably make a decision about what to do next.  Furuichi and company will also be featured in the chapter, too.  After all, we need to learn what will happen to them in their own fight.


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