[Silver Spoon] Chapter 94 Thoughts

1) I liked the colored cover page.  Nice to see Hachiken as a “cowboy”.

2) Hachiken sure has a hard time drafting his business plan.  Poor Hachiken.

3) Hilarious reaction from that school club after meeting the Hachiken patriarch.  Just…hilarious!

4) Even animals-!  Just HILARIOUS!

5) I liked that little conversation between the Hachiken matriarch and Hachiken about the school products.  Don’t know if it will be effective in “softening” the stance of the Hachiken patriarch but at least it shows how much Hachiken has changed while attending the agricultural school.

6) Ah, Mikage.  You really are a sweetie.  Thank you for standing up for Hachiken.  Truly, Hachiken has proven himself and made a niche for himself in the school.  With support like Mikage’s, Hachiken will go far.  I believe it.

7) Same thought, same reaction.  You know what I mean (and if you don’t, read the chapter!).

8) The Hachiken patriarch has spoken.  ‘Nough said.

9) Mikage, Mikage, Mikage.  What to do with you…?  Then again, Hachiken is similar in that respect.  Sorta.

10) I really don’t know what to expect for the next chapter.  That’s all I got to say about that.

This was a nice chapter.  I enjoyed it.


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