[Beelzebub] Chapter 239 Thoughts


This chapter is one of the best in this series.  For one, the end of the chapter was epic.  The tag team of Beel and Oga powering up, then the rest giving their ‘support’ to them, and the finishing act against Satan and Fuji, sure makes it all good.

I liked how many characters are seen in this chapter.  I also liked how the who demon royal family made cameos in this chapter.  Seeing the Demon King at the end of the chapter, having him make a statement on the ‘Poop Brothers’ as well as just being himself makes it all so nice.

I liked the humor seen in this chapter.  It may be more noticeable at the end, with the ‘Poop Brothers’, but there are  its here and there throughout the book.  Just the norm for this series.

I think there will be some respite in the next chapter before the next arc begins.  There are still some things that are left unsaid, and there are some characters that I want to see before the series ends.  That said, I see some humor in the next chapter.  That, I’m looking forward to.


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