[Bleach] Chapter 561 Thoughts

I don’t feel like elaborating, so let’ s keep it short and brief.

1) I liked how the SS captain persevered.

2) I liked how the other SS captain took action and continued fighting against the enemy after the first one was taken down by the enemy.

3) I liked the SS tag team.  Sorta related to the one above.

4) I loved Renji’s outfit.

5) I liked how Renji acted and is featured in the last page of the chapter.

6) Lastly, I see Renji being featured in the next chapter, fighting against the enemy from this chapter.

Basically, theses were my thoughts about the chapter.  This one is better than the previous chapter mainly because Renji is in it, even though he only got into the scene at the last part of the chapter.


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