[Naruto] Chapter 658 Thoughts

Again, making this post short and brief.

1) Thanks for the artwork, scanlation group!

2) Loved the panels featuring the bijuus.  Nice to see a compatriotic front against a common enemy.

3) Loved how the bijuus acted together.  Or attacked, I should say.  The previous note is about standing side-by-side wwhile this one is about attacking together.

4) Damn Madara.

5) Awwww, it is so nice to see ALL the bijuus together.  ALL.

6) Loved ALL bijuus attacking together.  NICE.

7) DAMN Madara!!!!

8) I expect Madara to counterattack in the next chapter.  He really wants the bijuus and now that he has one of his eyes back…yeah, I’m worried for the bijuus, including the Bee and Naruto.  Damn Uchiha.

That is all for this chapter.  This one is better than the current chapter from the other series from the same magazine, if you know what I mean.  Then again, this series is a tad more interesting than the other series in my eyes.


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