[Naruto] Chapter 659 Thoughts

I’m hoping this chapter is better than the chapter from the other series of the same magazine.  Thus, let’s get down to it.

1) Damn Madara.

2) Damn Madara.

3) Damn Madara.

4) Damn Zetsu.

5) Damn Madara.

6) Damn Madara.

Yes, I don’t think I will ever stop saying that in the future.

7) Damn Madara.

8) Damn Madara.

9) Damn Zetsu.

10) Damn Madara.

11) Though they may not be my fave characters in the series, I still feel bad for the bijuus.  They don’t deserve to be Madara’s “pets” and I sure don’t like the outcome that Madara has for them.

12) Okay, I’m not sure if or how Naruto and Bee will get out of Madara’s chains., but I sure hope that they succeed.  I hope that Naruto and Bee will get out of harms’s way, especially with how the outcome would be if Kurama and Gyuuki are taken out of them.  Persevere, allied shinobi forces. Persevere!

This chapter wasn’t bad .  It could have been worse, though.  But content-wise, it wasn’t bad.


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