[Naruto] Chapter 660 Thoughts

Yes, the chapter came out before the holiday, but I was just not motivated to read it.

Now I am.

Let’s get this straight: I still don’t feel like elaborating the post, so the usual length of my post will not be shown here.  That said, let’s get started.

1) Kudos to the scanlation group for providing some great artwork.  I may not have mentioned it in recent previous posts for this series, but I do appreciate them.  Again, thanks!

2) I’ll never get over saying this: Damn Madara.

3) I actually found the whole Gaara and Shukaku flashbcak scene heart-warming.  Something about the background of this certain relationship/partnership.

4) It’s also nice to learn more of the previous host that housed Shukaku before Gaara.  Truly, an admirable man for holding on that long.

5) It may be focused for the majority of this chapter on Shukaku and Gaara, but I really didn’t mind at all.  I found the change in the relationship interesting and bittersweet.

6) I think that Kurama has a plan.  Nit sure if Kurama will let itself (I’m not really sure of the gender, though I’m more inclined to think said Kyuubi is male) be taken or not, but Gaara is part of it.

That’s it for this post.


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