[Naruto] Chapter 665 Thoughts

1) I like the fanwork featuring Obito and Kakashi.  Thank you, scanlation group, for providing great artwork with this chapter!

2) Nice, Obito.  I will acknowledge your strong will.  You did take control of your “body”.

3) The explanation, though necessary, is boring.  I read it.  I understand it.  I just don’t think it brought enough pique in me to care about it.  ‘Nough said.

4) I liked how Gaara, Kakashi, and Minato worked together.  But I’m feeling the ‘pain’ of seeing Minato being attacked that way. It makes him look like a rag doll.  Poor Minato.

5) Damn Madara.

6) Liked the contrast between Madara and Naruto in that dialogue.

7) Liked how Obito spoke up after that.  Very moving.  Very touching, too.

8) I see some words being exchanged between Madara and Obito.  However, I also think that the next chapter will ope up with Sasuke and the group making their way towards said Uchiha.  I would also be not surprised if the majority of the chapter will be focused on Sasuke.  I think Kishimoto adores his Uchiha, so the focus will probably be on Sasuke next.  A pity, really.  Where Naruto is has become more interesting, too.


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