[Naruto] Chapter 667 Thoughts

1) That was a nice artwork featuring Naruto.  The other one also wasn’t so bad.  Thanks, scanlation group!

2) Okay, I didn’t expect the start of the chapter to be back on Sasuke’s group.  But I really don’t mind…much.

3) Kabuto…I didn’t really thought it was you who was next to Sasuke.  Never did expect it.  And don’t really care about it.  Your position in my acknowledgement is not high…but as for my disliked character list, yeah you are there.  Damn Kabuto.

4) Suigetsu…I like your comment.  Your attempt of humor isn’t so bad, considering the subject of said comment.  Heh.

5) Sob story aside, I did like the page in which the Obito/Naruto and Kabuto/Sasuke is featured.  Hope for the best in that area.

6) Gai…it is your time to SHINE!  So…SHINE!  SHINE!  SHINE!!!!!!!

7) Lee!  SHINE!  SHINE!  SHINE!!!!!!!

8) I’m pretty sure that Hiraishin kunai will have a future task.  Just a feeling.

9) Gai…you deserve this double point.  You definitely deserve it.

10) I think that Tenten will make her appearance in the next chapter.  I’m not sure if she’ll be able to save Gai or not, but she’ll be helpful when she brings the artifacts to the scene.  I definitely think that said artifacts and the Hiraishin kunai are critical in the battle.  Not sure how they will work out, but they are definitely important in the battle.

I liked this chapter.  It isn’t as favored as some other chapters in this series, but I still liked it.  Way better than the other chapter from that other series.


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