[Naruto] Chapter 668 Thoughts

1) It seems this is a Gai-focused chapter.  Thus, the scanlation group provided some Ga-centric artwork.  They were all nice.  Nice work, scanlation group.

2)  It is nice to know the family history of Gai.  Seeing his father and a younger Gai is a nice picture of a father-son relationship.  Definitely similar to how Gai is with Lee.

3) Wow, I didn’t know that Gai’s father was a genin only.  Reminds me of that other character with that same rank, but still an interesting fact.

4) Again, must respect and admire the father-and-son relationship.  Good one, old and young Gai!

5) Nice to see the 7 Swordsmen.  Just nice to see them.

6) Gai, Ebisu, and Genma.  They look.so…young.

7) Gai’s father…

8)…and Gai having the same “rule” is…touching.

9) Okay, I’m not sad or even upset that this chapter is Gai-centric.  I find it appropriate that this chapter is focused on Gai.  I even liked the flashback scenes.  They were definitely touching and I don’t feel any negative feelings about the chapter.  At all.

10) I see the next chapter starting with the conclusion of Gai’s attack on Madara.  I’m pretty sure that it won’t really hinder Madara but who knows.  I’m just leery that Madara, the way he is right now, is too strong for just that small group to make strides in defeating said Uchiha.  That said, I am hopeful that Gai’s attack will have a tiny chance in hindering Madara.  A chance.

Lastly, this was a nice chapter.


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