[Naruto] Chapter 669 Thoughts

1) Nice move, Gai!  Nice move.

2) Nice, Minato!  I can see why you became the Yondaime.

3) Again, nice attack, Gai!  Let yourself “shine” in this chapter!

4) Great teamwork!

5) B******t!  That’s a low blow there, Kishimoto!  Low!  I mean, having Naruto open his eyes at the last panel of the chapter!  Just L-O-W!

6)I think the next chapter will start with Naruto.  Not sure what will happen, but some discussions or something?  I wouldn’t mind seeing the Sage of Six Paths appear right in front of Naruto.  But that’s just wishful thinking right now.  But it sure is nice to see Naruto open his eyes.  Really nice!

Now, I’m not blaming the content of this chapter, but life intrusion lowered my enjoyment of this chapter.  I wanted to get more excited about it, but I think life and another series got the bulk of my attention right now.  That said, the chapter is still a good one in contents and all.  I just couldn’t give it the focus that it deserves.


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