[Bleach] Chapter 565 Thoughts

1) Thanks to the scanlation group for providing some amazing artwork.  Truly appreciated!

2) That baby is that person?!  Damn him!

3) It’s nice to see that person again.  Hate who he is speaking with, but that’s just me.

4) Juuha  Bach is a parasite.  The ones who followed him in the past allowed that to grow large.  I’m also upset that Ichigo may end up having a part of that Quincy’s “soul” within his body.  Just the implications are dangerous to think about.

5) I don’t have any predictions/guesses for the next chapter.  I just don’t feel like thinking of one up.

Overall, the chapter was underwhelming.  It wasn’t bad to learn more about the enemy, but I wasn’t as interested in the chapter.

That is all.


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