[Bleach] Chapter 568 Thoughts

1) Thanks for the artwork, scanlation group!

2) Am I surprised that the villain isn’t gone?  Not really.  I am upset about that new transformation.  It is just too close to a biblical sense.

3) Hell, yeah!  There you are, Byakuya!  I missed you!  You do look good, considering that you are only in one panel of this chapter.  But that’s okay.  I still like how the chapter ended with you appearing to help/save Rukia.

4) The above point is the only redeeming factor in this chapter.  Otherwise, the chapter is a other average one from this series.  Slightly better due to the appearance of Byakuya, of course.

5) I expect that the next chapter will feature the Kuchiki ‘siblings’ will defeat the villain.  Though Byakuya will feature more predominantly in the battle/chapter.  Don’t know if the battle will end next chapter or continue onward into the chapter after the next chapter.  Whatever the case, that is what I expect in the next chapter.


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