[Bleach] Chapter 572 Thoughts

1) I liked the artwork featuring the pink-haired vice-captain.  Very nice artwork.

2) I liked the little dance that said vice-captain was doing.  Cute dance.

3) Didn’t really expected said villain is younger.  Freaky.

4) Kenpachi!  I knew that your immediate arrival was going to happen.  I mean, when I read that Kenpachi’s vice-captain was going to make an appearance, Kenpachi will also be making his appearance soon.  So I was not surprised to see Kenpachi at the end of the chapter.

5) This wasn’t a bad chapter.  Not as interesting but still better than two chapters ago.  I was entertained a it, so that helps Me like the chapter more.

6) I see Kenpachi fight a** in the next chapter.  And he will.  He definitely will.


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