[Bleach] Chapter 573 Thoughts

1) Liked the colored cover.  Not because of the character, but it is colored.  But Kenpachi is not a bad guy to be in the cover of this chapter.

2) Ambivalent about Unohana’s outcome.

3) Egotistical that villain.

4) Kenpachi is cool.

5) Kudos for that vice-captain for ‘accepting’ Unohana’s fate.  Strong, that one is.  (Yeah, I’m imitating a certain green-skinned Jedi master.  Can’t help it.)

6) Kenpachi and his opponent…worthy battle it will be.  Hopefully it will last more than one chapter.  Kenpachi deserves some screen time.  Especially after how he “earned” his “name” and all.

Kenpachi won hands down in this chapter.  That and the colored cover.  Other than that, it was similar to the other chapter that came out from that other series.  Nice chapters that came out this week from both series.  I’m content about it.


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