[Naruto] Chapter 670 Thoughts

Before focusing on the highlights of this chapter, I just want to clarify about the massive update.  Here is the facts:

A) I had read the chapters as they came out.  Each post reflects my reaction to the chapter at that time.  Therefore,

B) the chapter that held back the rest of the posts was read, but the contents were written on paper.  Said paper has been misplaced, and thus the thoughts I had of said chapter has not been put down here.

C) I had thought to wait until I found said paper, but I grew impatient and decided to move onward to publishing them.  Thus,

D) the massive update.

Now that I am caught up in published postings, I can focus on the present chapter.  Here are the highlights:

1) I didn’t expect that meeting to happen.  But it’s still a nice surprise.

2) Forerunner?  Hmm, interesting.

3) I didn’t expect that said person looked like that.  Not what I expected at all.

4) Naruto’s reaction…so Naruto-ish.

5) Definitely Naruto-ish.

6) That legendary person is ‘boring’ and probably ‘dry’ since I feel like agreeing with Naruto in his reactions to that particular person’s ramblings.

7) Naruto’s facial expression in that one panel…priceless.  I could see lots of people using said panel and making it their own.  A humor avatar, for example.

8) Kaguya, Ashura, Indra, the brother, and Hagoromo.  I truly hope that there will be more background history given about them.  Just the snippets told here are not enough for me to be satisfied about their characters.  If Hashirama and Madara had some chapters dedicated to them, then there should be some chapters dedicated to said legendary persons.

9) Too many similarities.  Indra and Ashura.  Hashirama and Madara.  Orochimaru and Jiraiya.  Obito and Kakashi.  Naruto and Sasuke.  Just…too many.

10) I really want to know more of Hagoromo’s brother.  It’s just not fair that said person is in the background, with not a lot of information known about him.  Just not fair.

11) Interesting but bittersweet story.  Not really surprised with how it all happened.  Nor am I surprised that said chakra, or “ninshuu”, of said offspring, were reincarnated into two persons.  Ashura’s chakra is in Naruto, and…

12) I’m pretty sure that Indra’s chakra is reincarnated in Sasuke’s. At least, that is what I think it is, given that Kishimoto adores a particular Uchiha so much that said Uchiha has been one important character in the series.  Though said persons have those legendary chakra, I’m glad that each individual are their own person, making themselves stand out from the ‘shadows’ of their predecessors.  I still can see the linkage, after all.

Overall, this chapter provide some interesting information about the beginning of chakra.  I may had found the earlier speech pattern of Hagoromo irritating as heck, but Naruto and the rest of the chapter made up for it.

I hope this post cleared up a lot of things and will be well-received by you readers.  It is still an evolving place, so I hope you keep on reading here in the future!


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