[Silver Spoon] Chapter 97 Thoughts

I felt that this chapter has some good points to it.  Therefore, here are my thoughts about it:

1) I liked how Hachiken was teased by his friends.  He sure is gullible, that Hachiken!

2) I liked how there is a new equestrian club member joining the new term.  She looks reliable.  We’ll see how it goes.

3) I liked the team project idea that Hachiken came up with.  At least he has friends who joined his team project.

4) I also liked how the Hachiken parents had some screen time in this chapter.  The Hachiken patriarch sure looked serious as he read the business plan his youngest son sent him.

5) The end panel is typical.  I wasn’t really surprised that it happened that way.

6) A new term begins.  Probably new hijinks, too.  More Hachiken, of course.


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