[Bleach] Chapter 576 Thoughts

1) I see that the villain finds Kenpachi a worthy opponent.  He should.

2) Kenpachi is doing an excellent job in this fight.  As he should, given who he is.

3) As expected, Kenpachi prolongs the fight.  Even encouraging the villain is not surprising.  I really didn’t expect said villain to die so easily, not when fighting against Kenpachi.

4) Double the trouble, eh?

5) I expect that the villain will die in the next chapter.  I don’t think that Kenpachi will let the meteorite destroy Soul Society.  Thus, the end of the villain in the next chapter.

This was so so.  But that has been the trend in this series lately.  It will probably be several more chapters before the more exciting stuff happens.  At least, to me that is what will happen.


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