[Naruto] Chapter 672 Thoughts

1) I liked how most of the chapter is focused on Gai.  He deserves his screen time.

2) I liked seeing both Naruto and Sasuke are awake.  A sun and a crescent moon.  How interesting.

3) I liked the flashback scene featuring Kakashi and Gai.  I liked how Kakashi is clueless still in seeing the minor details and how he learned that Gai is a good rival from what his father told him.

4) Sakumo deserves his own focus here.  I want to acknowledge how he saw the details of Gai’s hard work and said that the young ninja is a good rival to Kakashi.  I also liked seeing such a parental Sakumo.  Very nice.

5) Gai attacked Madara good.  Even the villain Uchiha acknowledged Gai for almost killing the Uchiha.  Almost.

6) NARUTO!  Naruto!  Naruto!  Naruto!  I liked how he kicked that attack aimed at Gai out of the way.  I also liked how he saved Gai.  And the eyes…there is more to his new “powers” than has been revealed at the end of the chapter.  I’m pretty sure there is more that will be revealed in the future.

7) Which makes me want to know what kind of “powers” Sasuke has.  He probably has his eyes changed, too.  Though my hype over this certain Uchiha is not as high as what I want to see Naruto more.

8) Naruto and Sasuke will be featured in the next chapter.  Teamwork at its best.  And the others, of course.  But the morale will be back.  At least, that is my hope.

I liked the previous chapter better than this one.  But that’s okay.  The content is still more interesting than what has been featured  in another series lately.  But that’s just my own opinion.


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