[Naruto] Chapter 673 Thoughts

1) Nice artwork, scanlation group!

2) Nice to see a bijuu in the first half of the chapter.  Just one panel, but still good.

3) Nice to see Madara getting his a** kicked a bit.  I know that said attack won’t keep him down for long, but still nice to see Madara getting hurt by Naruto.

4) Am I surprised that Madara gets to absorb the Juubi and the plant/tree?  Nope.  Madara has to have his power-up moments, just like Naruto and Sasuke.  Though I will say that Madara having another power-up sucks since it feels so one-sided in this battle.

5) Lee…you don’t surprise me when you saw Gai again.  Just…Lee-ish.

6) So there is some Sasuke moments in this chapter.  Not really surprised nor moved about it.  I do like that Sasuke removed that stick from the Second Hokage, even though I wasn’t surprised that said Uchiha will be transported to whatever place he wanted to “jump” to.  Again, not moved, surprised, shocked, or whatever you call it when Sasuke made his appearance in this chapter.

7) I did like Gaara proclaiming that he wanted to be allied when Naruto becomes Hokage.  Nice show of comradeship/friendship/etc.

8)  Kakashi has a cameo in this chapter.  Not bad.

9) Obito and Sakura…well, they also have their cameos.  ‘Nough said about that.

10) I want to say that Naruto kicks ass in this chapter.  I liked how he had some great action scenes in the first half of the chapter and also how he is featured in the latter half of the chapter.  I liked how he is featured prominently in this chapter, Uchiha and others notwithstanding.  I appreciate this chapter just for Naruto.

11)  Didn’t like that Minato and Hashirama wasn’t featured in this chapter, but that’s okay.

12) Sensing each other due to the Sage’s power…again, not a surprising revelation.  I do think having that power and the chakra signatures of those two brothers (Indra and Ashura) definitely increased the connection between Sasuke and Naruto.  But I still like the tag team against Madara.  Given how Kishimoto adores Sasuke, I’m not really shocked or surprised about the tag team.  I may not like Sasuke much, but I had become used to the adoration Kishimoto has for Sasuke.

13) Overall, the last few pages of the chapter were awesome.  I liked Naruto’s scenes, even when Sasuke appeared.  The revelation of the distribution of said powers were also interesting, but I think Madara’s ego makes said Uchiha villain too conceited.  But whatever.  It’s nice to see the tag team go against said Uchiha villain.

14) I see the next chapter having the tag team duke it out against Madara.  I don’t know if it will be the majority of the chapter or not, but I believe that other characters will be featured in the next chapter, too.  I don’t know how many of those characters will make cameo appearances, but they will be there.  Count on it.  But I think Naruto, Madara, and Sasuke will be featured a lot in the next chapter.  That’s what I feel will happen in the next chapter.

15) Overall, the chapter was not bad.  I especially liked the latter half of the chapter.  The first half of the chapter wasn’t bad, either, given that Naruto fought against Madara.  I just prefer the ending of the chapter better than the beginning of it.


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